Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is an incredibly efficient way to support TAL. By making a recurring gift, you provide consistent, reliable funds which allow us to spend more time and resources on our lifesaving programs and less on fundraising. It makes a huge difference to count on you every month! You set the amount and the frequency of giving, and your donations will be automatically transferred.

On average, it costs $200 - $2000 to provide care for a pet while he or she waits to find a home.

You can help for as little as 33¢ per day! By donating $10.00 each month, you help to provide all of our animals with the food, medicine and care that they need. If you donate just $42.00 per month, you can change the life of an animal in need of medical attention.

TAL is dedicated to caring for animals and benefitting people. Your support will mean so much to the animals right in your community. Please contact us by telephone, call 877-525-4825, or email, or donate using the link below. Thank you for making TAL- and the animals we serve - a part of your life.

More Ways to Donate